When there is requirement for doing building inspection process?

Today the Race Relations (Amendment) Act goes into force requiring the public sector to work for racial equality and to be seen to be doing so. At the CRE we will be doing everything in our power to help the public sector deliver what the public expects: employment practices and services that meet the needs of all in our multiracial society.


The AC Nielson poll questioned 537 people in detail about their views on racial equality in Britain today.  Over half agreed with the statement ‘Ethnic minority communities have enriched British culture’, including three quarters of Asian, half of Black, and over half of White respondents.

Half thought race relations would continue to improve over the next 10 years and a quarter thought that things would stay much the same. Over half thought that asylum seekers are portrayed by the media as victims or as people in need of help. A new internal programme of action kicked in today to help the CRE gear up to implement new race relations laws coming into force this April.

CRE Chairman Gurbux Singh appointed Daniel Silverstone, currently Director of London Boroughs Grants, to lead a new transformation team that will focus the work of the organisation. Starting in April, Mr Silverstone will lead a ten-strong team of CRE staff, and seek the views of external stakeholders. We have been given new powers under the amended Race Relations Act, and it is vitally important that we are able to meet these new obligations. And we will advise the public on what they should expect from public services and public servants under the new laws. Daniel Silverstone has been charged with the task of making sure the CRE is able to deliver what is required of it.